Wednesday, June 9, 2010


How does it happen?

A sinkhole happens when water erodes solid bedrock, carving an underground cavity that can then collapse.

Sinkhole in

Heavy rains from tropical storm must have triggered the collapse of this huge sink hole.
Much of Guatemala's city rests a top a layer of loose, gravelly volcanic pumice.
Some geologists say that leaking pipe - not nature - must have
created the recent sinkhole.

Sinkhole in Florida

The sinkhole in Winter Park, Florida, opened in 1981 underneath the city's public swimming pool.

Sinkhole in Belize

Sinkhole can happen anywhere water can erode a vertical channel that connects to a horizontal drain, a situation that allows a column of solid material to wash away, Missouri State's Gouzie explained.

Sinkhole in Mexico

Sinkholes occuring at sea level will fill up as high as the water table, creating a famous clear blue pool. This one was used by the Maya royalty for both relaxation and ritual sacrificies.
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